Pilates and Rehabilitation

Pilates for Rehabilitation

Pilates continues to receive attention in the field of rehabilitation – with good reason. Recent research supports Pilates as an appropriate intervention for common orthopedic injuries. And when compared to other common forms of rehabilitation, it has been equal if not superior in physical, psychological and disability measures.

During the first world war, Joseph Pilates was a nurse for the German Army and spent a large portion of his daily life helping to recuperate injured soldiers. This often meant helping them rebuild their shattered bones and limbs. With a large portion of them in bed for long periods of time Pilates as a method was developed to help them rebuild their muscle groups and provide core strength for the whole body.

Pilates helps you not only regain lost strength and use of damaged joints and muscles, but throughout the length of therapy will enable you to correct any imbalances that over time compensate for injury. Throughout the treatment process, you will be working on your core body strength, breathing, concentration and precision.

With its low impact mentality, there is much less risk of re-damaging muscles and connective tissue than say weight training and heavy resistance or impact training, which carry a much higher risk of re-injury or further injury through added muscle stress. Your body provides the resistance. You will be trained to be concentrating and aware of how your body is positioned at all times during movement, so you can avoid the posing which causes harm. The flowing motion of all Pilates exercises carefully avoid the rapid, jerking or explosive movements that so often can create impairment in the first place.

The emphasis though is always on core training, strength or centering as it is variably known. Buttocks, lower back and abdomen play the “center of power” role in the body and it is extremely important to work on the core strength to remain injury free. Breathing plays a large part in allowing you to concentrate on these things, focusing your mind, tightening the abdomen and assisting to rid the body of toxins. Pilates is used to successfully treat a wide variety of muscular problems and help control degenerative diseases.

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