Frequently Asked Questions


General Pilates Questions

What are Pilates apparatus?

There are special pieces of apparatus that make Pilates intelligent, fun and always challenging. Most widely used in any Pilates workout is the Reformer. Lie on the moving carriage and so begins the journey of spring resistance, straps and bars. The Cadillac is a larger apparatus that includes a trapeze, springs, bars and canopy. Rounding out the collection is the all-time favorite Wunda Chair, Ped-i-Pull, Barrels, Tower, Foot Corrector and a handful of smaller props. Pilates of Rochester is fully equipped with high grade studio apparatus to ensure Pilates workouts are dynamic and tailored to individual needs.

Do you combine apparatus with mat exercises?

They come head to head in popularity and effectiveness. You will see incredible results with just mat work but with the added spring resistance of the apparatus, the outer limbs get more toned more quickly and the apparatus adds variety and aids with alignment. They were initially built to help with free form mat work afterall – the foundation of the Method! We suggest a dose of the classical approach – mix it up for best results and in any given private session both repertoires are usually integrated.

How do springs help me?

Springs provide gradual resistance as your muscles contract, which ensures the muscles are being worked properly. Weights can often be hard on the joints and ligaments while the spring resistance in Pilates works with less stress.

Is Pilates like yoga and what are the main differences?

They are similar in that they both require the mind-body to be connected and emphasize deep, coordinated breathing to facilitate movements. Yoga is achieved through static postures while Pilates is a flowing system of connected movements that often incorporate the spring resistance of specific Pilates apparatus. The main difference however is yoga’s subscription to a lifestyle – meditation, prayer, and belief are very much a part of the yogic tradition and while Pilates lends itself to healthier lifestyle choices, it is primarily fitness based.

Will I get taller through Pilates?

Your spine is your spine. Plain and simple. It will not get longer. But posture is greatly improved through Pilates thanks to its intense work on strengthening and stabilizing core and back muscles. Better posture can easily transform bodies into a more taller, graceful one.

How long before I start to see results?

Generally, clients experience positive changes such as greater endurance and muscular control and improvements in coordination and balance in just 2-4 weeks. In 4-8 weeks, more recognizable changes are likely to occur like increases in muscle tone and reductions in body fat levels. Results will vary, as no two individuals are alike and variables such as genetics, diet, lifestyle and stress levels and can all play a part in your results. We will work together to design a plan that best suits you.

How many times should I come to class a week?

It is recommended that you engage in pilates and fitness instruction a minimum of two times per week up to a maximum of four sessions per week. If different types of exercise are combined this number can be higher as in the inclusion of cardiovascular programming, posturology or MAT muscle activation sessions.

Can I do Pilates if I am pregnant?

Medical practitioners are now recognizing Pilates as an ideal form of exercise for the body before labor and the benefits it has for the body’s recovery after labor. It is recommended because of its emphasis on strengthening the pelvic floor, abdominals and back muscles. By paying attention to posture, muscular strength and balance throughout the pregnancy—and by learning how to stand, sit and move—aches and pains can be significantly reduced or avoided altogether. Exercises must be modified throughout the pregnancy to prevent any strain or injury. As with any form of exercise, please consult your physician before initial session.

Is Pilates effective for weight loss?

People turn to Pilates to achieve that “Pilates body “ – toned muscles, ballet-like posture and weight loss. The lean muscle mass achieved through Pilates and the breathing required in the exercises increases metabolism, cell regeneration and circulation which all contribute to weight loss. As with any exercise program, self-esteem is boosted significantly thus lending to smarter lifestyle choices in every realm. Aerobic activity combined with the strength training component of a Pilates workout is the best way to achieve weight loss goals.

Is Pilates just for women?

Absolutely not! At its birth, Pilates attracted mainly professional dancers and movie stars. Today, a wide audience recognizes its unparalleled benefits. Major sports teams, such as the Buffalo Bills, have incorporated Pilates Reformer training into a regular part of their conditioning program. Real men do Pilates, and reap the rewards!

What should I look for in a Pilates instructor?

With the popularity of Pilates growing by leaps and bounds many “Pilates training” schools have popped up. Unfortunately most do not require more than a few days of training before you can teach this very complex exercise program. This is unfortunate. Pilates Method Alliance is a non-profit that oversees reputable training centers. Ask if the instructor is a member of PMA.
Talk to your future Pilates teacher, and ask how long they have been practicing Pilates before they started training to become a teacher. Where and when did they complete certification? How much time did it take them to complete the Pilates training? The answer should be between 400 and 600 hours. This process can take 1-2 years. Also ask what method do they teach. They should be able to tell you.


Pilates of Rochester Policies

What are your studio policies?

All appointments and classes are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you fail to cancel prior to 24-hours in advance you will be charged for the full amount of the scheduled session. Jeanne will do her best to reschedule you in the event of a cancellation but it is subject to her availability.

What should I wear?

The wearing of fitted clothing is strongly suggested. This allows Jeanne to more effectively evaluate posture, body position and movement accuracy. it also allows the individual to move more freely without worry about hanging fabric. No shoes are worn during the workouts.

If I buy a package, how long do I have to use it?

All packages expire automatically after 6 months from date of purchase.

May I bring my children and or pets to class if they sit quietly while I work out?

As much as we love the kiddos and your furry friends we do not allow children or Pets in the studio un-supervised. Due to safety and insurance concerns we cannot allow children to stay in the studio while class is in session. It is not safe to have little hands near the machines or to have other clients distracted while they are in poses that require concentration and balance. Same rule applies for your furry friends.

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