Mary C.,36

Pilates sessions with Jeanne have given me a pain-free, healthier life. After wasting time and money on fruitless traditional physical therapy sessions for my knees and back, I came to Jeanne desperate for relief. Her expertise, precision, and impressive knowledge of the human anatomy have helped me heal without medications or surgery. In addition to the individualized, rigorous workout she has for me each week, I am forever impressed with her ability to see and explain even the slightest alignment adjustments for the ultimate benefit. Further, my prenatal sessions with her helped me maintain strength and keep my weight manageable throughout my pregnancy, and I am certain helped me achieve the natural birth I so desired. The postnatal sessions, of course, are putting everything back in the right place! If I didn’t have my sessions with Jeanne, my quality of life would suffer greatly. Each week, I leave there refreshed and revived every time.

Anne D., 38

On Pilates: I started working with Jeanne in April when I was 38 years old and my youngest daughter was three. By June, two people stopped me on the beach and asked me what I had done to look so good. I became a devotee, however, after my husband referred to my core muscles as solid.

On Jeanne: It would be impossible for me to obtain my level of fitness without Jeanne. She uses her broad based knowledge of Pilates, anatomy and movement to construct and individualized exercise program that adapts to the student’s changing personal needs.

Claire S.,60

To teach or be a teacher means among other things to inspire, to guide, to encourage and to practice what you teach or love. When Jeanne works with us in our classes she  inspires, guides and encourages us every step of the way in our quest to learn Pilates. She is clear in her instructions, kind and fun. And she herself continues to take classes to better herself. But above all you will be giving yourself a gift when you work with her.

Jan L., 49

After watching Oprah I decided to be in good health and great shape before turning 50. I started with Pilates mat sessions and graduated to the machines. I got strong and found some shapely new muscles. Then while preparing for a match play golf tournament I ruptured a disc in my back. After surgery and a few months, Jeanne eased me back into a rehab routine and now almost a year later I’m probably stronger than ever. I’ll turn 50 next year and hope to be in the best shape of my life. I recommend Pilates to all my friends because a program can be custom made to any fitness level or age.

Elizabeth M., 42

Pilates has enriched me both physically and mentally. Before I started doing Pilates with Jeanne, I had written myself off as being inflexible, and mostly focused on cardio forms of exercise, but Pilates has expanded my view of exercise and my own ability. It has improved my flexibility, posture, muscle tone and taught me to use breathing as a way to focus and calm myself. After a year of doing Pilates, I look and feel better.

Erin L., 30

I sought out Pilates in hopes of reclaiming the strength and flexibility that I possessed as a dancer and found my favorite workout in the meantime! For over four years now I have been working with Jeanne weekly and she still continues to challenge me at every session. I credit Jeanne’s expertise and positive persistence to helping me look and feel great after giving birth to my first child. I love seeing results and regaining the dancer strength that I desire!

Chris W., 56

Pilates of Rochester and Jeanne Schickler Compisi have been a delightful and hard working experience. Jeanne explains the movements so precisely and includes great metaphors so you see what your body is able to achieve. Not only do I know what body has achieved but the compliments are fantastic!

Professional Pilates Instruction.