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Pilates Training Specialties:

Pilates Apparatus

  • Reformer
  • Cadillac
  • Tower
  • Chair
  • Barrel
  • Magic Circle
  • Arc/Spine Corrector
  • Ped-o-Pull
  • Foot Corrector
  • Oov (New!)

Pilates Mat
Core Strengthening
Pilates for Aging Gracefully
Pilates for Rehabilitation
Pilates for Osteoporosis
Pilates for Pregnancy


what Pilates of Rochester offers

Pilates of Rochester develops custom Pilates training programs for its clients that address the specific needs and goals of each individual. Leveraging Jeanne’s extensive experience complemented by classic and innovative uses of the Pilates apparatus, each session is unique with a focus on proper form and execution. Pilates of Rochester primarily delivers private training sessions for its clients.

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Distribute strength throughout the body without bulking up.

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Increased flexibility translates to a higher functioning body.

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Complement physical therapy with a restorative Pilates program.

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age gracefully

Don't allow age to rob you of your independence. Pilates can help.

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Elizabeth M., 42

``Pilates has improved my flexibility, posture and muscle tone...``

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Meet Jeanne Compisi

Meet Jeanne Compisi

Jeanne is a certified Pilates instructor (mat and apparatus), modern dancer and choreographer who has been teaching Pilates since 2000. Her understanding of anatomy and movement is second only to her talent in conveying Pilates principles for all to understand.

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client accolades

"Pilates with Jeanne has improved my flexibility, posture and muscle tone and taught me to use breathing as a way to focus and calm myself."

Elizabeth M, 42
Client, 1 year

"I credit Jeanne's expertise and positive persistence in helping me look and feel great after giving birth to my first child. I love seeing results and regaining the dancer strength I desire."

Erin B, 38
Client, 10 years

"Jeanne uses her broad based knowledge of Pilates, anatomy and movement to construct an individualized exercise program that adapts to the student's changing personal needs."

Ann D, 50
Client, 12 years

"I always thought Pilates was exclusive for women. I could not have been more wrong. It has transformed my body and provides all aspects of exercise - strength, flexibility and mobility."

Russ G, 49
Client, 7 years

“As a 77 year old male, my goals are strength maintenance, flexibility, and balance...I can say that not only has Pilates achieved the maintenance I sought, but I have noticed an improvement in these vital areas…Pilates can be a challenge for anyone, especially someone my age. However, Jeanne’s cheerful nature, expertise, and passion for her profession are true motivators.”

Joe H, 77
Client, 2 Years
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